Hi all, Just a quick update that we have been in the Scotsman and The Herald today find the links below



Great work everyone lets keep this going, Remember to sign our petition for the right to vote for party members for Scottish Independence

27/7- Today we can announce that Labour for Independence founder Allan Grogan will be one of the confirmed speakers at the Independence for Scotland march. In ADDITION to this having spoken with the organiser we have agreed that there will be a strong welcome to a Labour for Independence group banner and marchers. 

As we are a non profit organisation we would ask any and all of you to help with banners and leaflets, whether it be creating them yourself or giving what you can afford to the campaign (see the donate page for more information.)

Look out for more details regarding the march later today. I hope you will join us in creating a strong Labour presence at the event.

24/7. Are you an aspiring blogger/ journalist? Care passionately about Scotland or the political scene? www.labourforindy.co.uk are looking for writers for our article page. Articles should be between 500-1000 words. Both pro and against independence may apply. If you are interested in getting involved contact Allan @ labourforchange@hotmail.com

19/7- Welcome to the first day of the launch for this website. Please excuse the teething problems in regards to the image of the site, these have hopefully now been resolved. 

Two updates for you all, firstly, Saturday will be the last day to get your questions in for the interview with Yes Campaign head Blair Jenkins. If you have a question for him please contact us via the contacts page. 

Secondly as you will notice we are please to announce their will be a Labour Voters For Independence group at the Yes march in Edinburgh in September. If you would like to join us on the march please contact us. For future news on this, check the updates page or click on the March With Us section of the site. 

17/7 - First big announcement of the week. Today I am delighted to confirm that the Chief Executive of the Yes Campaign Blair Jenkins, has agreed to be interviewed for this page. In the interests of asking the questions you want answering, please send this site a question you would like Blair to answer. * Questions will only be accepted for consideration if sent through our message system. http://www.yesscotland.net/the_people_s_campaign


  1. I am heartened by this websites inclusion in the debate for the Independence of Scotland as a party with great potential for a future independent Scotland. I have been an S.N.P supporter for almost 40 years,so It gladdens my heart knowing that some people are finally waking up to reality.


  2. About time Labour in Scotland spoke for themselves and not through Joanne Lamont.
    It is possible that Labour may be the ruling Party after Indy so it is right that they take the Indy platform.