Thursday, 16 August 2012

Time to clarify

Using this forum to clarify a few things. In response to Richard Baker and a few cynics on the Facebook page lets clarify something. There are 3 moderators on the Facebook page. Myself who founded the page and have been a Labour party member for most of the last ten years including this moment. Another who has had no affiliation to the nats and someone who has voted for SNP for the sake of achieving independence and no other reason.

When this page started up until about the 100 likes page I would say that there was about 40-50% of the likes from nats who liked our page solely because we wanted independence. that number going from comments and messages i've been sent, has since been reduced to about 15-20%.

I would estimate now there are roughly about 30-40% of Labour voters who support independence. maybe 5-10% of the page are Labour voters against independence.

It is in the rest which has proved the most fascinating and has meant an evolution of the point of this page. The remainder are people who used to vote Labour but now vote for SNP/Greens or just don't vote at all. These people have done this for two main reasons. Firstly they want independence, and/or, they feel let down by a Labour party that no longer supports them or has their needs at the heart of their policies.

This site was set up by a member and it is supported by a majority of either Labour voters or former voters who would support Labour again if they went back to their old principles.

After the last Scottish election the Labour party said they would listen to the grassroots supporters. We'll this page was created and supported by these grassroots and to think or claim anything else is merely putting your head in the sand.


  1. I think folk from both Nats and Labour need to keep focused that the Independence referendum is a people choice and not a party choice so really need to put aside their differences as to who they support and concentrate on the benefits of Independence to Scotland and to open the eyes of those who are still blind to the union and its propaganda. I bought it for years as a Labour unionist, the day I stepped back I seen what was in front of me for many years..I had to look outside the box. We all know that after Independence we the people will make the choice of who works on our behalf in a Scottish Government in an Independent Scotland. I hope Nats who comment respect the ScotLabour voters and vice versa..we have one common goal..Independence and thats what matters.

  2. I'm an SNP voter because I believe in independence, as opposed to dependence.

    My politics is left of centre, much more so that the Mandelson-Blair Labour politics of the last 15 years. I wouldn't be a member of any party were it not for a passionate and burning desire to see my party leave a union which does us more harm than good.

    I would probably, in the past have dithered between voting Liberal and Scottish Socialist, although were I older I would have been a staunch Labour man, in the days when Labour was a real left of centre party which cared about the poor.

    What I have found with the SNP is a reasonably competent, largely left of centre government which has fought well for Scotland. Despite being a member and helping where I can with YES, I don't agree with everything the party does. But I'd rather have Alex Salmond as my First Minister than Johann Lamont, sorry Labour guys. She and Iain Gray before her have carped and criticised about everything the government has done in what has been an unedifying example of Scottish political debate. Ruth and Willie are just jokes. Children put there to do what their REAL leaders in England say.

    I support every sensible page or group which has the same aim as I do. The freedom of my country to live peacefully with our neighbour England, or RUK or whatever they choose to be called in 2015.

    I hope you will accept me as a member of your group. Our ends are the same.

  3. I agree with both the previous posters.
    I was a Labour supporter from Labour parents but I switch to voting SNP because I saw Labour change due to its need to attract Tory voters in the south of England. Many in Scotland deserted Labour for this reason and even the "core" vote is not as strong and committed as it once was.
    I used to wonder why Labour was so opposed to independence when it was so clear that the Union itself has become the biggest barrier to a left-of-centre future for our children and grandchildren. Now I see that, within the Union, Labour must always forego its socialism to win power. I am amazed and appalled at New Labour's Better Together alliance with London Thatcherism.
    I can't join your group because moneterist policies and the murder of civilians in places like Iraq and Afghanistan mean I will not now be associated with Labour but I wish loyal Labour members who dream, like me, of a future independent socialist Scotland all the best.