Monday, 16 July 2012


Welcome to the launch of the Labour for Independence website.

As a Labour party member, this page was made in regards to a Labour Junior Minister telling me, that if I wanted independence, to vote for the SNP. On what mandate were the upper echelon given to say that the Labour Party should be anti independence?

There are many in the Labour party, who seek and support an independent Scotland. There are also many supporters who once were Labour but have lost faith or moved political ideology because of a Labour party more concerned with middle England than their core bases, especially Scotland.

Having been greatly encouraged by the support our Facebook page  The decision was made to launch our own website. We would like to encourage supporters of all parties to use this and our Facebook page as a place for new debate and discussion not only in regards to independence but also how we wish to shape the Scottish Labour Party to fit the needs of the Scottish People.

At this site we strongly support the YES Campaign, and encourage all of our supporters to do the same. Thank you for reading this and encourage you to continue to get involved.

Allan Grogan
(Labour for Independence founder)


  1. Hi Alan,

    Firstly, I'm a SNP member. I recently joined the SNP primarily because they are the only large party hierarchy supporting an independent Scotland. But it really warms my heart seeing pages like this. We should all work together for an independent Scotland. When we achieve it we shall be looking at a new political landscape where all parties will have the chance to renew themselves and work for the benefit of our country.



  2. I welcome this website in the hopes that it may go some way to healing the horrible divisions in our country between Labour and SNP.

    A welcome addition to the debate.

  3. I've been a member of SNP for 17 years and welcome this movement. Independence is not about any single party, its about making Scotland the best it can be!

  4. Tris, the divisions, as far as I can tell, are mostly one-way. Why the Labour party in Scotland loathe the SNP so much bemuses me but their disgustingly negative politics have put me off Labour for life.

    However, I welcome this page as it's obvious that support for independence isn't limited to SNP supporters. Just look at the other (some might say true) socialist parties, they are all pro-independence, as is Dennis Canavan, who incidentally will be a speaker at the Independence March in September

  5. You might find this useful for your campaign:

    I have created a set of Yes logos in Labour colours:

    Here's a sample of the sizes provided:

  6. Stoo... Well, the divisions may be mainly one way, but that doesn't mean that they don't need to be healed by whatever means we can heal them.

    I know what you mean. Ms Lamont's almost curled lip as she accuses the FM of whatever her research team has come up with this week says it all.

    I long for a better relationship between the parties. One that would serve Scotland instead of serving party leaders and their egos.

    The unionist leaders have long said you don't have to be SNP to be a Scottish patriot; this site suggests that you can be a member of the Labour party and want the best for your country.

    I'm told there are Tories for independence too!

  7. Independence is not about the SNP, or about Salmond. In fact its got nothing to do with party politics at all.

    It's about gaining true democracy for Scotland, actually getting the government we vote for whichever party that might be.

    We can never achieve this in the union, because the population difference between England & Scotland is too great.

    What happens at virtually every general election is that we get the party England votes for, like it or not.

    It's just basic arithmetic. Being in a union with a country ten times bigger than you means it can be no other way. This means that effectively the election process is out of our control.

    Enough's enough.

  8. As a member of the SNP i to welcome this site my dad was a shop steward in the railway for most of his life and told me at the age of 18 that his party had failed, and that they left him and the labour party he had voted for and fought for, for most of his life was gone, he switched to the SNP so that i an independant scotland the REAL labour party might re-emerge, and then he could go back to them as he was sure that a scottish labour party would be for voteing for as it would stand up for traditional labour values, and being a son of an old leftie, i would probebly do the same, sadly he past away befor he could see this come to happen but i stand by him and his thoughts, good luck to you guys you make the old lefties like my dad proud

  9. Today I can announce that I will be one of the confirmed speakers at the Independence for Scotland march. In ADDITION to this having spoken with the organiser we have agreed that there will be a strong welcome to a Labour for Independence group banner and marchers.

    As we are a non profit organisation we would ask any and all of you to help with banners and leaflets, whether it be creating them yourself or giving what you can afford to the campaign (see the donate page for more information.)

    Look out for more details regarding the march later today. I hope you will join us in creating a strong Labour presence at the event.

    Thank you all for your continued support
    Allan Grogan

  10. Any sensible Labour supporter can see that you have a much better chance of forming the Government in an independent Scotland than the UK, and unhindered by the need to pander to the right-wing views of middle England, you will be able to enact truly socialist policies instead of aping the tories.

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  13. I left the Labour Party after 20 years membership because I believe in an independent Scotland with a Labour Government at Holyrood, and concluded that the only way to get this was to join and vote for the SNP. Good luck with your campaign.

  14. Congratulations and welcome tae the Pro-Indy Big tent. I am not SNP member but a pro-Indy International Socialist because Scottish Independence is both the Internationalist and the Socialist thing to do

  15. I support Labour and I believe in an independent Scotland. I don't see any contradiction in that statement. At present the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland is Ed Miliband. Only an autonymous Scottish Labour Party in an independent Scotland will ever be anything more than the waggy tail of the Westminster dog. Best wishes to labourforindy, keep on waving the Red Saltire!