Friday, 27 July 2012

A New Beginning for Scottish Labour

The news that we, as an organisation have been welcomed into the independence campaign has delighted me. We have come such a long way in such a small period of time. It was only a little more than a month ago, that we had 13 Facebook 'likes' and most people in Scotland just assumed that a Labour voter was a union voter.

I'm proud we have changed some peoples perception, I'm pleased that we have given the pro Indy Labour voters a home to voice their opinions. In the last month, we have gained 24,000 Facebook viewers, created our own website which after one week has more than 2000 hits. Been granted an interview with C.O. for the Yes Campaign, Blair Jenkins, and now I have been offered the chance to address the independence march. All of these achievements are down to your commitment and support.

But we have only just begun, we need every Independence supporting Labour member to come out on the 22nd of September under the banner of Labour for Independence. We need to show the Labour party, the rest of the political parties and the media watching, that there is a genuine demand from Labour voters for Independence.

In the coming months we will look to appeal to Ms Lamont and the heads of the Scottish Labour Party for a membership vote on Labours stance.

But we need your help. So spread the word, come out on the 22nd and if you can help in any other way please get in touch.

Together we can make the Labour party, a party people are proud to vote for again, a party comfortable in it's position in an independent and prosperous Scotland.

Allan Grogan.


  1. Fae an SNP boy,glad to have you on board :)

  2. I left Labour because of what they had become but most importantly the fact they were so against Independence. A new and fresh Scottish Labour made in Scotland and controlled in Scotland is the way forward so an Independent Scotland can have 2 main parties that need to answer to the public to do the best by us...Scot Labour may even win back the votes the lost over the last few years. Its not so much a gungho SNPrs wanting Independence....its Scots who want Independence and so far its only SNP and Greens that offer us good would it be for Labour to join the fight for Independence eh!

  3. This really gladdens my heart. Independence may actually happen in my lifetime with your help and my kids will benefit. I don't think you'll get much help from the leadership though, they have their eye on head office policy which is formed in another country. If you want a Labour Party in an independent Scotland, you'll have to form your own.

    Best of luck. SAOR ALBA.

  4. I was so glad to see this. I've never been able to understand Scottish Labour's opposition to Scottish Independence. This group is much needed and a welcome addition to the campaign. I really think there's a need for a group like this to engage with Labour voters who could be open to independence.

  5. This was always bound to happen. I know many Labour members and supporters who are bewildered by their parties ultra-unionist stance, and aghast that Scottish Labour are now in a coalition with (and bankrolled by) the Tories to bind Scotland to Westminster.

    Independence is not about the SNP, or Salmond, or even party politics.

    Here's hoping this is the beginning of a Labour party in Scotland returning to it's roots, in preparation for a Scottish General Election in 2015.

  6. Glad to see progressive thinking from a Labour voter, and hope that many more enlightened individuals can help secure the Yes vote. What the Labour party don't seem to realise is that, in an independent Scotland, there will be a general election and the opportunity for a more balanced form of democracy.

    Wouldn't it be in Labour's interests to 'be part of better'? Or is the intellectual deficit in Scottish Labour so entrenched (or orchestrated by Westminster), that they really can't see the bigger picture?

    Looking forward to hearing more from Allan at the Independence Rally in Edinburgh on 22nd September. See you all there!

  7. This is wonderful news. I have begrudgingly been a member of the SNP for many years but could never quite understand why I - in essence a Labour supporter - had to be consigned to the SNP when I firmly believed that the right to self-determination was a principal that was close to the heart of every socialist. But it's a funny world.

    Can I wish you the very best of luck in your endeavours

  8. It should be noted that 24,000 Facebook hits doesn't mean much, other than 12,000 Labour party members have looked and said "wtf", and 12,000 SNP members have looked and said "lol Labour split lol".